August 29, 2018

My first embroidered patch!

My first patch is here! I am super stoked about how it turned out...even better than I expected! Now I am waiting for my first sale with bated breath ;)

Cute fluffy cat embroidered, high quality, patch in rainbow colors. 

Patch is 7cm (2.75") in diameter.It has an iron-on back (suitable for stronger and heat resistent fabrics like jeans) but it might be preferable to sew it on for durability.It is based on a doodle I made of my cat Pikachu when he passed away. So, to me it's a sweet way to remember him too.Suitable for clothes, backpacks, hats, camera bags, notebooks...Would make a cute stocking stuffer too.Free shipping if ordered with another item.

Available here.

Looks good on my jeans jacket

Looks cool on my backpack

Looks fun on a cap

Looks great on my camera bag


Natalya said...

Is the cat a guard? It looks so solid))

Nathalie said...


He he indeed, he is a bit of a Heimdall too, guarding the rainbow bridge :)

StaroftheEast said...

Such a cute patch, it looks great on everything!