March 11, 2019

Business cards act 2000042

The remodeling of the second bedroom is at a standstill as I have finished everything (paint, curtains, lights, wall decoration) I can do for now. I still need to do the floor but the water damage has still not been assessed + I have a pinched nerve on my back.
So it's back to the business card.
Those 2 ideas are by now means finalized.
The orange parts will be gold in final print.

All in all I like the top version better but I am not sure about the calligraphy font(as much as I like it, maybe it's not easily readable).
I think the "thin" straight font of the bottom one doesn't work as well...

I like the full cat head background any case I'll use both, one for the front, one for the back...I think ;)

Also I am not sure about the tagline either. I am hesitating  between 200 different ones:
- Cute
- Cute jewelry & accessories
- Jewelry & accessories
- Jewelry and more
- Bijoux

So here's some  questions...
1. Full cat head of hollow cat head background?
2. Calligraphy font  or staright front?
3. Tagline?

 I'd really appreciate your opinion... As you can see it's far from done.


StaroftheEast said...

I like the solid cats' background better. And I like the calligraphy font better, but in all scenarios, they won't be very readable once printed on small cards. Did you think about maybe leave two lines of cat background away to make an empty space for the text?
As for the text I think your shop would be best described as 'cute jewelry'. Or maybe 'purrretty jewelry' to give an extra cat feeling :D

Stephanie Kilgast said...

I really quite like the first version, but as Estella said, I'm afraid it won't be very readable once printed out.